• Mind, Brain, and Behavior (2210) - Introductory undergraduate course covering the structures and processes of the mind and the nervous system, including the psychobiology of eating, sleeping, emotion, stress and learning.

  • Research Methods (3010) - Introduction to scientific reasoning, assessing validity and reliability in research, and basic research methods.

  • Health Psychology (3830) - Introductory undergraduate course covering topics of health psychology, including the psychological, neurological, immunological, and behavioral aspects that contribute to overall health, wellness, and illness.

  • Physiological Psychology (4210) - An upper division undergraduate course covering areas of neuroscience with an overview of the relationship between brain and behavior. Topics include intercellular communication, drugs and reward, emotions and stress, psychoneuroimmunology, psychopathology, nervous system development and repair, perception, cognition, and learning and memory.

  • Functional Neuroscience (8210) - A graduate level course covering methods, techniques, data and theory in the field of neuroscience as applied to the study of psychopathology, psychopharmacology, neural development, brain damage, memory and other areas of behavior and mental states.