Lab Alumni

Outstanding Graduate Alumni

*Taeson Woo, Ph.D. (2022) Neuroscience; (Postdoc, NYU)

Melissa Tapia, Ph.D. (2020) Psychological Sciences; Postdoc Fellow, Wake Forest School of Medicine (currently Senior Scientist, Reynolds American Inc.)

Jenna Lee, Ph.D. (2019) Neuroscience; Postdoc Fellow, Michigan State University (currently Regulatory and Medical Writer, MMS Pharmaceutical)

Howard Johns, Ph.D. (2015) Psychological Sciences; (Instructor, Westminster College) 

*Patrick Hecht, Ph.D. (2014) Neuroscience; Postdoc Fellow, USC, Keck Medical School/Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute (currently Associate Scientific Director, AbbVie Pharmaceutical) 

Kyle Parker, Ph.D. (2013) Neuroscience; Postdoc Fellow, Univ of Minnesota, Obesity Research Center; Postdoc Fellow, Washington University (currently Instructor, Washington University, St. Louis) 

*Karen Jones, Ph.D. (2012) Neuroscience; Postdoc Fellow, UC Davis (currently Assistant Secretary of Programs & Fiscal Affairs, Cal HHS)

Carolyn Pritchett, M.A. (2008) Psychological Sciences; PhD (2012) Penn State Medical School (currently Emerald Coast Research, co-founder; Head of Neuroscience, Groov)

*co-advised with Dr. Beversdorf

Outstanding Undergraduate Alumni

Elizabeth Stevens (2022) Biological Sciences

Amanda Day (2021) Psychological Sciences

Jeffrey Bodeen (2020) Psychological Sciences & Biological Sciences

Esirioghene Emeje (2020) Psychological Sciences

Jordan Petronella (2020) Psychological Sciences

Megan Humphreys, Summer visiting research fellow, Gladstone Elementary, Kansas City, MO

Ngozichukwu Ibe, Post-Bac (Health Sciences)

Janine Leathers, Summer visiting research fellow, Central Methodist University

Taylor Liscum (2020) Psychological Sciences

Kelsey Mason (2019) Psychological Sciences & Biological Sciences

Mikala Cessa (2019), Nutrition and Exercise Physiology

Kennedy Duncan (2019) Biological Sciences

Leticia Rivera (2019) Biological Sciences

Emily Bathe (2018) B.A. Psychological Sciences 

Valerie Weise (2018)* B.S. Psychological Sciences, B.S. Biological Sciences (currently in Addictions Neuroscience PhD program at IUPUI)

Jane Nelson (2018) B.A. Psychological Sciences 

Justin Moore (2018) Psychological Sciences

Kiersten Fodor (2018) B.A. Psychological Sciences 

Anna Tamasi (2018) B.A.* Psychological Sciences, B.S.* Biological Sciences

Samuel McNair (2018) B.S. Biological Sciences, B.A. Religious Studies; (2022) M.D. University of Missouri Medical School, (currently in Med School Residency, University of Missouri, Columbia)

Anna Wright (2018) B.S.* Psychological Sciences

Julie Muckerman (2016) B.A.* Psychological Sciences 

Lauren Welby (2015) B.S. Biological Sciences, B.A. Psychological Sciences 

Andrew Snyder (2015) B.S. Biological Sciences 

Brett Wahle (2015) B.S. Psychological Sciences 

Matt McCabe (2014) B.A.* Psychological Sciences, B.S. Political Science; (2020) PhD Neuroscience, University of Vermont (currently Clinical Data Scientist, DeepHealth)

Ted Floros (2011) B.S. Biological Sciences, B.A. Psychological Sciences 

Sophia McQuirk (2009) B.A.* Psychological Sciences 

Seema Trivedi (2009) B.A. Biological Sciences 

Kylie Klosterman (2008) B.A.* Psychological Sciences 

Amanda Gillman (2008) B.A. Psychological Sciences 

James Polston (2008) B.A. Psychological Sciences 

Alicia Pardee (2008) B.A.* Psychological Sciences 

Jordan McCall (2007) B.A. Psychological Sciences, M.A. Public Health, University of Missouri, Columbia, PhD Neuroscience, Washington University (currently Associate Professor, Washington University School of Medicine)

Ali Sawani (2007) B.A. Biological Sciences 

Kelly Griffin (2006) B.S. Biological Sciences 

Kyle Parker (2005) B.A. Psychological Sciences, Ph.D. Neuroscience, University of Missouri, Columbia (currently Instructor, Washington University School of Medicine)

* Graduated with Honors for an Independent Research Project